Members of the Week! 2/17/13

Every week at chapter, we announce a sister (or sisters) of the week that have emulated everything Gamma Sig stands for and are truly exemplary sisters!

Two weeks ago, our sisters of the week were Jessie Cordova, Becca Scholes, and Danielle Fuerst! Here are their nominations:

As many of you know, either because you are an education major, or because you’re in a sorority where like half of the members are education majors, student teaching takes up a lot of time and can be really overwhelming! This week, the sister I am nominating has helped me out SO much during my craziness of student teaching! First, my little family recently ordered letters, and she volunteered to go out of her way and go to Unique again to order me a set (after calling and checking my size) since I wasn’t able to make it before and probably wouldn’t be home in time before they closed! And I had forgotten at the time, but this meant she had to pay for at least half the shirt, which was so sweet! (Although I will obviously pay her back). Then, we were trying to get tickets to go to an event on campus together. So, naturally, since this sister is amazing, she offered to get us both tickets since the box office closes before I return from teaching. After she found out you could only get one ticket per student ID, she figured out a time to borrow an ID (I don’t know which roomie it was, but thanks so much to you too!) and went again out of her way to the box office and got mine for me! Not only did she do all of this, but she was so nice during it and never complained, although I know it was inconvenient. Even though I may be a little biased because I am her big, I think everyone who knows her would agree that Jessie Cordova is an AMAZING sister, which is why I would like to nominate her for Sister of the Week. She is one of the nicest people I know, extremely thoughtful and so so sweet.
Jessie, thank you again so much for everything you’ve done for me this week, you really are everything this sorority is truly about and I am so honored to call you my little ūüôā
Love you lots, your biggie,
As I rolled out of bed a tad too late Monday morning, I did not yet realize¬†what a lovely week I had in store for myself. After the plastic component to my blender burst making my morning shake, I¬†wasn’t¬†quite sure I¬†was starting on the right foot. As the¬†week progressed, the speaker on my ancient phone also managed to go, but I didn’t know that the best of all¬†was¬†waiting for me on Friday evening….when I got towed. Things really do happen in three. I managed to leave my cell phone and keys to my apartment in my car, putting me in a bigger frenzy. Thanks to my little for¬†borrowing¬†her phone, I¬†was able to dial Becca¬†who¬†was on PPU for the evening. Her and Danielle came to pick me up about 2 minutes after my frantic phone call and brought me to the lot where they also¬†waited for me to get access to my car. After a very chaotic¬†week, these two ladies reminded me¬†what Gamma Sig is all about. They had my back¬†when I¬†was in a pinch, and if it¬†wasn’t for them things could’ve ended a lot¬†worse. Although I am currently inactive, my love for the sisterhood continues to grow as I realize¬†what a¬†wonderful group of girls I have supporting me. An especially big thank you Becca Scholes and Danielle Fuerst, I love you both!
Gamma love,
Jackie Roman
Congrats Ladies and keep being amazing!!

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