Members of the Week 2/24/12!!

The sisters of the week from last week were Rachel Gettinger, Emily Schmidt, Karen Digangi, and Anais Azoulay!! Congrats beautifuls! Here is their nomination:


So technically I know the award is supposed to be for one sister, but this is definitely an occasion to bend the rules. Only truly amazing sisters would agree to go on a project with a 1/2 hours notice after they were told it was cancelled. I mean honestly, that’s SUPER annoying. I knew I was asking a lot when I called these girls seeing if they could quickly run to Lot #19 and make this project happen after all, and even though I know for a fact I was ruining most of their night plans, they all agreed. I am so lucky to know such selfless, kind and wonderful girls. They truly showed the Gamma Sig spirit when they decided to look past the fact that I am the most annoying person ever, cancel their new plans and go on this project. Even though I bet they were all secretly wishing they hadn’t picked up my phone call, I am so happy they did and I am so proud to call them my sisters. That’s why I think Rachel Gettinger, Emily Schmidt, Karen Digangi, and Anais Azoulay should be sisters of the week, because they made the choice to help cute little girls dress up like American Girl Dolls instead of easily having the free night they had envisioned.

Literally so much love,
Laura Strickland

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