Congratulations to Kelsie Landis, our sister of the week for March 17-24!


Here’s her nomination:

I would like to nominate Kelsie Landis for sister of the week.

On Thursday, I was so sick I couldn’t get out of bed. I texted Kelsie at 5am in the morning asking her if she could possible get me some Gatorade because I had no drinks in my room, not expecting her to wake up until much later. At 6:30, she had gone to Dunkin Donuts and got me some Gatorade. I don’t know how much earlier she had to get up to get them for me but it was a life saver. I would never have made it out of my room to get something to drink and I had nothing else to drink. Later in the day she showed up with some bread for me to eat after she went to lunch, knowing that I hadn’t eaten anything else that day. Finally she showed up with saltine crackers after dinner to make sure that I had something else to eat. Without her getting me the Gatorade and the food I would have felt so much worse throughout the day.

-Kelsey Crane

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