Maddi Valinski ROCKS!

Last week’s sister of the week was Maddi Valinski!

Talk about one beautiful sister:


I would like to nominate Maddi Valinski for Sister of the Week. Each and every time I have had the pleasure of spending time with this amazing sister, she never fails to embody everything a Gamma Sig girl should be. I’m so happy we were able to spend so much time together this weekend, bonding over 5 am wake up calls and getting yelled at for screaming at prospective students in the street! You are always SO cheerful and friendly, and you truly do always make the people around you smile! Thanks for taking me under your wing this week so I didn’t look like a completely lame Newbie 😉 Yesterday you told me you wish you had a sister, but don’t forget you already have a few hundred of us!! Can’t wait for all the fun we will have this summer!

Gamma Love,

Sarah Morland

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