Spirit Day!!!


On Saturday April 6th five girls from our chapter attended Gamma Sigma Sigma’s Moravian College Epsilon Xi Chapter’s Spirit Day. We had a BLAST. There were members there from 7 Chapters and 3 different Districts with their overall membership numbers varying from 11 to 200+! We were all split into smaller groups at first to play some ice breakers and get to know each other better. We shared brief information about ourselves and talked about some of our favorite things about Gamma Sig. It was so fun hearing about what traditions other chapters have. When Epsilon Xi does their Big/Little reveal they have all the Bigs stand in a big room, tie one end of a yarn ball to each of the them and make a giant web of string around the room. Later, every Little is given the string that leads to their Big and they all have to follow their string trail until they find their Big. That is literally SO CUTE and probably so fun and confusing! We played trivia games that tested our Gamma Sig knowledge and we learned really interesting things about Gamma Sig that we never knew. For instance, did you GSS has three different meanings? Or that our sorority gems are pearls and garnets? Or that the building we were founded in was actually called Beekman Tower and not Beekman TowerS as we all think? Is your mind blown? Yup, mine too. We had a representative from every Chapter give a brief presentation about the kinds of things their chapter does and what makes them special. One Chapter had a Gamma Sig chant, another participated in a 46-hour dance marathon to raise money for cancer every year, and another was comprised completely of alumni who meet every month and do local service all year round! Before and after lunch we all took some time to make special letter shirts. They must have had over 100 swatches of the cutest fabrics ever for us to choose from and make shirts with. I’d always been super nervous about making an iron-on letter shirt, but the girls there who did them all the time were so helpful and mine ended up coming out awesome!! The letters were straight, I didn’t make any mistakes, and I didn’t burn myself so I’d say that’s a great success! And of course what kind of Gamma Sig gathering would it be if we did not do a little SERVICE? We all hung out together in the afternoon and made 116 beautiful bracelets for Easter Seals to give out as prizes at a future event of theirs. Spirit Day was awesome and I’m so happy that I had the opportunity to go. We met so many amazing members from Penn State’s Tau Chapter, Duquesne’s Gamma Delta Chapter, Mid-Jersey Shore Alumni Chapter, Gemini Alumni Chapter, Drexel’s Zeta Chapter and Moravian’s Epsilon Xi Chapter who all shared amazing stories. I really hope I get to see many of them again, maybe at convention! Thank you Epsilon Xi, Katy Owens and Amanda Cavoto for inviting us and making it a once in a life time opportunity!!

So proud to be a Gamma Sig Girl,


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