Banding Together to Fight Cancer 5K!!!

Today was Gamma Sigma Sigma Beta Gamma’s inaugural 5K that supported our two philanthropies this semester, Relay for Life and the Be Positive Organization. After weeks and weeks, countless hours, and the amazing organization of our sisters, over 250 people came out to this event and ran! It was an amazing way for people to come out and support two absolutely amazing organizations. None of what happened today could have been possible without our amazing PR chair, Erica Hartman! She spearheaded this event, the likes of which we have never taken on before. She fearlessly led our sorority through all the craziness that goes into planning and putting on a 5K, and handled all of the ups and downs amazingly. I could not be more proud to be a part of this organization and call all the girls that came out to support the 5k my sisters. Congratulations to Beta Gamma on the inaugural 5K and to all those that participated!

Mountains and mountains of Gamma Love,


907515_4744569287445_1822312961_n Our beautiful PR chair Erica Hartman!

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