Relay for Life

A way to a cure is out there!
A way to a cure is out there!

Gamma Sigma Sigma has participated in numerous service events regularly, but out of all the service projects I have attended, Relay for Life is one I hold most dear in my heart. So many people are affected by cancer, and this is a great way to support them and their families and to raise money towards research to finding a cure. It was such a great experience because there were so many of us there, over 100 girls came and participated in the walk. When I first arrived at the event, all I could see were masses of adorable Up-themed purple shirts. There was such a great Gamma Sig presence at Relay, and it was so awesome to walk with my fellow sisters. The atmosphere of the event was fun, there was music playing, the walking was very leisurely, and the hot dogs and pizza were also a plus. The memorial and luminaria service at night was touching and moving; it is safe to say I shed a few tears in memory of the lives lost to cancer, as well as many smiles for those who beat cancer and are still alive and well today. Relay for Life was a great event, and even though it did not go on as long as originally planned, there was still a lot of money raised for the event and a lot of fun had because of it. I can’t wait for Relay next year, and for all the fun times and cute pictures to come.


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