A Little Something from Maddi Valinski: On Senior Send Off

Senior Send off

Congratulations, Class of 2014!We’re so proud of you and everything that you’ve accomplished!
On Sunday May 11th 2014, we honored all of our graduating seniors at Senior Send Off with an “Oh, the Places You’ll Go” theme. One of our sisters, Meagan, guessed the theme from the font of the invitations, which is very impressive! Each of our seniors left with a box full of love notes and a hand-carved mounted photo frame, which hopefully will help them keep Gamma Sig close to their heart while they go on and take on the world.
All of our seniors were given superlatives and we highlighted our sisters who had the most service hours! We had 6 sisters who served over 200 hours in their time in Gamma Sig, which is awesome! We’re sad to see all of our graduating sisters go, but we know that they’re only a snapchat, text, or phone call away.
I want to give a couple shout-outs for people who helped me make Senior Send Off possible! A big thanks to my committee, Katie Sterbenz, Casey Zuccarelli, Natalie Bennet, Drea Mathis, Riley O’Brien, Sara Rutch, Alisa Spitelle, Jill Schwartz and Sam Bell– without them, Senior Send Off wouldn’t have been possible. Thanks are also due to Le’Cinda Richardson, who donated the beautiful (and absolutely delicious!) cakes! I also want to thank Meagan Walsh and Alyssa Barone for teaching me what it means to be the alumni liaison and helping me every step along the way with all of my questions. I also want to thank Tori Rhoades, Sarah Morland, and Alexandra Glinka for all of your emotional support throughout planning this. Becca Scholes, thank you for totally being okay with knowing everything about your own Senior Send Off and really being a wonderful support for me and also being there to bounce ideas off of. I know I can’t thank everyone personally, but please know that if you were a part of Senior Send Off, I really appreciate all of your help and support. Finally, a big thanks to all of the sisters who came out to send off our wonderful seniors!
To the seniors, I know that you are going to do amazing things, and Beta Gamma definitely agrees with me. Please don’t be a stranger, and keep us updated about everything that you’re up to! If you ever need anything, don’t hesitate to let us know!
Gamma love,
Maddi Valinski

“Congratulations, today is your day. Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way!” – Dr. Seuss

Our Top Servers from the Class of 2014: Great job ladies!

  • Alyssa Barone – 350.5
  • Meagan Walsh – 304.75
  • Katie Sauerwine – 272.25
  • Becca Scholes – 256.5
  • Jess Klein – 208.5
  • Lizzy Neely – 201.25

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