The Time Has Come…

…to announce our Spring 2014 Sister of the Year and Sister of the Semester winners!!!

**Drum roll please!**

Sister of the Semester: Haley Yanson

Haley Yanson Sister of Semester(Isn’t she beautiful?! Inside and out!)

The Sisterhood voted and our Sister of the Semester for Spring 2014 is Haley Yanson! Congrats Haley! This is what sisters had to say about her!

Haley Yanson because she always came to meetings with a smile on her face, whether it was the sister meeting or the pledge meeting. She is so easy to work with and talk to and is so passionate about everything she does. She was so enthusiastic about every fundraiser and PR item she planned and Gamma Sig’s name definitely grew this semester under her leadership. She is one of the most selfless people I’ve ever met.

Sister of the Year: Tori Rhoades

Tori Sister of the Year

(Beautiful inside and out!)

Congrats to this semester’s President and one of last semester’s Pledge Moms, Tori Rhoades! The Sisterhood voted to make her our Sister of the Year! Here is what sisters said about her.

Tori Rhoades has been the face of Gamma Sig this entire year, and I don’t think I could have asked for a better girl who embodies what it means to be a sister of Gamma Sigma Sigma &  represent us as an organization. Tori is always willing to lend a helping hand and no matter what the circumstances, Tori will always be the first person to support you and build you up.Tori has taken on a lot of responsibility over the past year. She was the most amazing pledge mom and an equally amazing president. She carries out all her duties with elegance, hard work, and humor. I have yet to meet a sister who can find one bad thing to say about her. She’s become one of my most valuable friends and I think showing her how much she is loved and appreciated with the sister of the year award is the least we can do in return for everything she’s done for Gamma Sig.

The Following Sisters Were Our Runners Up:

For Sister of the Semester:

  • Alexandra Glinka, Briana Lamet, Jessica Christiansen, Kelly Scanlan, Maggie Dolan,
    Maddi Valinski, Meagan Walsh, Rachel Grimm, Sarah Morland, Tori Rhoades.

For Sister of the Year:

  • Briana Lamet, Haley Yanson, Jessica Christiansen, Kelly Scanlan,
    Rachel Gettinger, Rachel Grimm.

Each and every one of these ladies truly deserves these titles and nominations and represented Beta Gamma so well this past year!

Here’s to another wonderful year for Gamma Sig Beta Gamma! Have a splendid summer beauties! Yours truly with lots and lots of Gamma Loves!!



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