Sisters of the Week!

A big congratulations to the TWO sisters of the week this week! Shout out to Nina Kennedy & Colleen Soliman for being super sisters!

Nina and Colleen

“I’d like to nominate Nina and Colleen for sister of the week (partially because they are a package deal). Nina and Colleen are at basically every event and always are trying to find new ways to get involved. I think the biggest thing that makes Nina and Colleen stand out is that they aren’t just trying to get involved themselves, but they are always trying to get more sisters involved too, like they did with Colleen’s funny post in Penguin Chat earlier this week. I always love spending time with both of them, and I think everyone would agree with me in saying that Nina and Colleen always brighten every room they walk into, which is one of the many reasons I think they deserve to be Sister of the Week.”

Keep being incredible ladies!

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