The Crafting Corner: Week #3 – Fall Wreaths!

Hey girls! Last autumn, my floor had a crafting party and we made some pretty adorable fall wreaths for our doors. In fact, I still have mine! And since a lot of you liked the fall craft I posted last week, I figured I’d keep with that theme.

Here are two adorable different kinds of wreaths that you can make to decorate your dorm, apartment, or house with for autumn!

fall wreath2fall wreath1

(How cute would these look with letters????)

For the first wreath:

Burlap wreaths look hard to make, but they’re actually pretty simple! You’ll need: a wire wreath form, a few rolls of burlap, ribbon, a hot glue gun, twine, and wooden letters (they can be gamma sig letters, your first initial, or whatever you want!).

Here’s how:

01. Tie the end of a piece of burlap to the wire wreath with your twine to keep it in place.
02. Begin to weave the burlap around your wire wreath, like so:


You can weave it under and over the metal circles and pull the fabric out to make it three dimensional. You can make it as fluffy or flat as you want.

03. Once you’ve weaved the single piece of burlap around the entire metal wreath, secure the other end to the wire with a piece of twine.
04. Hot glue your decorations to the wreath: your ribbon, your letters, and whatever else you want! (note: you may have to secure the letters with a bit of twine, tied to the metal part of your wreath).

For the second wreath:

These are the kind I made last year! You can use pretty much anything you like. Basic materials you must have are a vine wreath form, a hot glue gun, and twine. For decorations, you can use fake fall colored flowers, fake autumn leaves, ribbon, wooden letters, or anything else crafty you can think of!

Here’s how:

01. Honestly… go glue crazy. Stick flowers and leaves in the wreath, glue on letters, tie on ribbon… this craft is pretty much a creative free for all. Experiment and have fun with it!

Hope you girls have fun with these cute decorations!

Gamma Love,
Jessica J.

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