Reward Yourself

Did you know dessert can be healthy too? If you eat the right kinds in moderation it’s okay!

Enjoy healthy desserts made by Kelly after the Seek and Find this week. The desserts will be at 7pm in Gore 219. Show your support for unity and our impact areas this Thursday, the 9th!

We all deserve a break from the stress of day-to-day college life. But it can be hard to find ways to relieve this stress in a healthy way. is sponsoring the “Stress Less Fest” on Thursday October 16th on the Green. There will be information, prizes, and more to be found at this event.

This week’s raffle challenge from the National Rep is: attend an event on campus related to one of our service partners or IMPACT areas. This could include healthy living or domestic violence prevention events. Go to a speaker, gym class, or other event and you could win something really great!

Have a healthy week


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