Sisters of the Week!

A big shoutout to our two sisters of the week this week for being exceptional role models and super sweet sisters! We love you ladies!

Gwen Meredith

Gwen Meredith: “This past week at AI Dupont I was sitting with a maybe 10-year-old kid who seemed to want to keep to himself and not talk to any of the girls volunteering on this project. I tried to chat him up for a few minutes and could tell he was just really over having small talk with various volunteers coming in and out of the hospital. Luckily for both of us, Gwen sat down and began talking to him right away. As they continued talking she discovered his passion for video games, which she also shares, and they were able to talk the majority of the time we were there. Seeing this kid’s face light up because of how awesome and important Gwen made him feel was an amazing thing to witness. I know that she may have only spent a little time with him that day, but I also know she certainly made his day infinitely better. Gamma love Gwen!” – Dani Roth

Jess Johnson

Jessica Johnson:”I would like to nominate Jessica Johnson for sister of the week because ever since day one, she has been killing it on blog committee. This week specifically, she took the lead of one her roles only hours after our meeting and got ahead of the game with one of our tasks. Her initiative and creativity for our committee has made the blog that much better and I am so glad to have her. Along with the blog, she has also been crafting the cutest sister notes for “Caught in the Act.” Talk about a great multi-tasker! Her positive attitude and originality embodies the Gamma Sig Spirit of a true sister.” – Helen Rana

Keep up the great work girls!

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