Caught in the Act!

This week we had a TON of sisters caught in the act! 

Brianna Defoe
a coffee hero

Allie Lonchar
went out of her way to help a sister in need

Lauren Wagner
Helping out a sister when they needed something

 Jenna Friedman
did a really great job planning sister speed dating

 Megan Nogan
make sure that every unity event is a success

 Riley O’Brien
helping a sister with her paper

 Lula Weldekidan
always has a smile on her face 

Erika Myslinski
made someone feel so warm and fuzzy on the inside 

Kelsey Starner
always goes out of the way for the people in her life

 Clare Lehnus
she was so positive and hilarious during Adopt-A-Highway 

Mackenzie Janus
flawless in all ways 

 Rebecca Noymer
so helpful and hard working for our fundraising committee and for Achilles


Congrats sisters and thank-you for all of your kind acts!


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