Influential Figure: Brad Pitt

In honor of homecoming, a time where we celebrate our pride and joy as UD students and our “home away from home,” Brad Pitt has been chosen as this week’s influential figure. Brad Pitt, and his wife Angelina, founded “Make It Right,” a foundation that builds homes and communities for people in need. After hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, thousands were left without resources and homes. In an effort to make rebuilding more affordable and the buildings more durable, Brad Pitt created this program in hopes of producing an even better environment for the people in New Orleans, and in areas across the United States. Brad Pitt exemplifies the Gamma Sig spirit as he reaches out to those in need. His strong sense of community and service has allowed this foundation to flourish, as communities are built from the ground-up. So, as you enjoy your hot coco and watch the football game this weekend, take time to appreciate the home you are given here as a school and thriving community of blue hens.

brad pitt

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