Healthy Food Swaps

What’s a food swap?

Replacing a food that may be high in fat, salt, or sugar, with a similar but healthier alternative that is more beneficial.

Sour cream –>  Fat Free Greek Yogurt (removes fat, adds protein)

White bread, rice, pasta, etc. –> Whole wheat/ whole grain bread, rice, pasta, etc. (less processed, more nutrients)

Full fat dairy products –> Skim milk or reduced fat dairy products (lower fat, same great taste)

Milk chocolate –> dark chocolate (no dairy, better in moderation)

Soda –> seltzer, unsweetened iced tea (eliminates empty calories and sugars)

Buttered popcorn –> plain popcorn (lower in fat and sodium)

Chips –> fresh veggies (carrots, celery, cucumber, pea pods, etc.) (adds vitamins and minerals, lowers fat content)

Ranch dip –> guacamole, salsa, and/ or hummus (healthier fats)

Juice from concentrate –> fresh fruit (natural sugars)

Ice cream –> frozen yogurt (lower fat content)

Fried chicken–> grilled or baked chicken (less fat)

Butter (in cooking) –> olive oil (healthier fats)

Processed peanut butter –> all natural peanut butter (this does not contain trans fat or hydrogenated oils)

These are just suggestions, but definitely worth trying if you are looking to switch things up! #healthyliving

check out for more healthy recipe ideas!

Have a healthy week!

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