Sister of the Week!

This weeks sister of the week is Mackenzie Janus.  Mackenzie had a TON of nominations this week for her amazing work on the homecoming banner! 


“We would like to nominate Mackenzie because she went above and beyond in creating our fantastic Homecoming Banner. She was willing to take on a large responsibility on her own to represent our organization in a creative and positive manner. I cannot imagine how much hard work went into the planning, and executing this masterpiece piece of artwork! Not only does it capture the spirit of Homecoming but it also made us proud to call her our sister. Mackenzie exemplified what being a member of Gamma Sig is all about, a commitment to serving her community and a pride in all that is accomplished. I can think of no one more deserving of Sister of the Week! 

Thank you so much Mackenzie!!
Gamma Love,
Alexandra Glinka, Caroline Corke, and Katie Sterbenz”

Congrats Mackenzie on being sister of the week and all of your hard work! 

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