Caught in the Act!

We have had lots of sisters caught in the act in the past two weeks!

Keep up the good work girls!


Elizabeth Viersma

Being a great committee member

Alexandra Glinka

Picking up her sister when she had a shoe malfunction

Colleen O’Shea

Always willing to serve others

Lauren Merrill

Taking care of a fellow sister after a biking accident

Kathryn Ward

Baking banana bread and surprising her sister

Jenae Cox

Making sisters laugh

Susanne Beale

Leaving her sister coffee when she has an early class

Lula Weldekidan

Being a great study buddy

Rebecca Noymer

Keeping her sisters safe

Kate Bailey

Interrupting her own studying to drive a sister home late at night

Colleen Soliman

Being an overall awesome sister and member of Gamma Sig

Jennie Osber

Helping out at the Gamma Sig Birthday Party

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