Caught in the Act!

This week we have 4 lovely sisters who were caught in the act! 

Caroline Corke & Nina Kennedy: Nina and Caroline were literally lifesavers this week, and throughout the semester! They always went above and beyond on unity committee, and literally saved my butt to make sure that the place cards were able to happen for Fall Ball. I honestly don’t think I could have made it through this past week without all of their help, especially since they constantly was asking what they could do to help. Seriously, these ladies kicked butt! Love ya! 
Chelsea Hoffnagle: I’ve never met someone quite like Chelsea. She’s always there to pick you up when you’re down, and she’s always putting others before herself. Whether you need a shoulder to cry on, a sister to vent to, or someone to just be goofy with, Chelsea’s your girl. You rock never change. XO.
Kelly Scanlan: Kelly is a great Gamma Sig sister! Sisters like her make me happy that I have joined Gamma Sig. She is one of the most caring people. She will drive her friends home so they don’t have to walk home late at night in the cold. She also goes above and beyond to make sure everyone feels as though they belong in Gamma Sig. I couldn’t be happier to call Kelly a sister.

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