Fall Ball!















Those are some pictures from Fall Ball of our lovely sisters!

Thanks to the wonderful Maddi, Fall Ball was a true success! This is the one time of the semester that sisters can gather together for a big event and get all dressed up. With this unity event comes great food, amazing dancing, and lots of fun (and LOTS of pictures!)

Fall Ball was different this year because there were so many creative ways to document these memories! There was one corner dedicated to fun props that were customizable! There was another corner dedicated to fun pictures with 2 different sets of letters, another area for just plain funny and goofy pictures, and then there was the wonderful Rob taking fun and quirky videos for us filled with goofy glasses and silly string, but he also had an assistant who took amazing candids of us jamming out to our favorite songs on the dance floor.

For those who missed out, let me tell you, the food was delicious! There was soup, salad, and an entree! Don’t even get me started on that chocolate cake! The music was fun, the dance floor was pumpin, my stomach was full, and I was super happy bonding with my sisters!

Fall Ball was amazing and I can’t wait until White Rose next semester!

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