Sister of the Semester



“I would like to nominate Helen Rana for sister of the semester. I have know Helen since we first pledged together my freshman year (wooh beta eta) and I cannot think of a single person more deserving of sister of the semester than her. Over the past four years I have seen again and again what an exemplary member of gamma sig Helen is. She always goes out of her way to help people out, even when she is stressed herself, and in the four years that I have known her I have seldom seen her without a smile on her face. Helen’s kindness and love of helping others really came to the attention of the sisterhood when she brought back the sunshine committee, a committee we were both on the semester after we pledged and greatly missed. She undertook getting exec to approve starting up the committee again and headed it, finding others as passionate about brightening people’s day as she is. I am sure a lot of us can attest to having a bad day improved with some sunshine or were happy to receive something congratulating us on a job well done thanks to Helen and the sunshine committee. Helen’s passion and dedication was seen again this semester with her hard work at making the blog the great success it has become (nationals even reads it because its THAT good). Helen not only goes above and beyond in her position of corrsec but she also goes above and beyond at being a sister and friend. Helen is one of the sweetest, most sincere, kind-hearted people I have ever met. I am so lucky to have her as a friend and sister and I could not imagine anyone better as sister of the semester.”

Here are some other amazing sisters who were nominated!


“I think Jessie Reedy and Jackie Stager deserve to be sisters of the semester. As Service Vice President and Service Auditor, it is their job to explain all of the changes that were made to community service hour requirements, which they did in the beginning of the semester. Throughout the semester they made sure to post all of the service opportunities on time to make sign ups more consistent and kept everyone updated if there was an issue. They care so much about making sure everyone understands the changes and are willing to help in any way that they can if anyone is worried about completing their hours. This is so important because community service is our main priority after all! They were so helpful for all of our sisters this semester and they deserve to be recognized for their hard work!”


“I would like to nominate Quanny Carr for sister of the semester. I don’t think I have ever met a more hardworking individual. She’s been working her butt off all semester as the PR eboard member. Whether its designing clothes, taking all sisters’ opinions into consideration, or making countless phone calls trying to get us the best deal on clothes, she always keeps her sisters in mind. Her constant upbeat attitude, no matter how stressful a situation might be, helps to brighten the moods of everyone around her. Quanny truly embodies everything it means to be a Gamma Sig Girl and I’m proud to call her my sister.”


“Jenae is one of the most dedicated and optimistic sisters and people I know. She is always there when you need her. Jenae has a history of planning amazing events for Gamma Sig and gives 100% to everything she commits to. Jenae’s positive outlook is contagious and her passion for Gamma Sig is consistent. She is such a good role model for current and future sisters, making her a great recipient for this award. I would like to nominate Jessica Johnson because she does a lot of behind the scene things for our chapter! She always makes herself available to either craft, meet up or go to unity events. Jessica is truly a great representation of unity and service!”


“I would like to nominate Sarah Morland for sister of the semester. Sarah has been such an influential person to all of us, and she has made a lasting impact on Gamma Sig during her time in our chapter. We all know her to be hard working, helpful, kind, and overwhelmingly generous. She has held multiple executive board positions, and has worked day in and day out to make each and every member’s experience memorable and positive. She is a leader as our president, and friend when anyone is feeling down, a mentor when someone is in need of guidance, but she is always a sister to all. We should all be so proud to call her a fellow Gamma Sigma Sigma sister.”

Congrats to everyone for making this an amazing unity semester and let’s get pumped for the upcoming one!

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