Thank you to our Fall Executive Board 2014!



As we celebrate Thanksgiving this week, there is no better time than now to thank our fall executive board for all their hard work. Let’s be real, office hours would not be the same without a friendly face to say “Hi” too. From planning the numerous events including Founder’s day, the sister retreat and the numerous unity events to coordinating the fabulous merchandise we proudly wear; believe it or not, these agenda items are only some of the many things that the executive board have successfully completed this semester. I’m not sure this semester would have been as great as it was without you guys, thank you for all your efforts and hard work!

Executive board members this semester from top left to right: Jackie Stager, Kelly Scanlan, Kat Suda, Jenae Cox, Vanessa Richards, Megan Nogan and Jackie Close.

From Bottom left to right: Helen Rana, Jessie Reedy, Maddie Valinski, Brianna Defoe, Sarah Morland and Quanny Carr

Missing: Colleen Soliman

You go girls! Thanks for a rocking semester!

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