Be a Guardian!

With every new pledge class, we get a chance to welcome all of our new MITs into our sorority. One of my favorite parts of being a sister is being a guardian – you get to be the face to the sorority for this one girl. You’re the first person she knows, and you can take her under your wing! I’ve been a guardian for four different girls now, and it’s such an exciting time. Yes, it’s a bit overwhelming & probably more than a bit cold (especially in early March!), but you get to be the one to really introduce your angel to Gamma Sig! The first bit of pledging, she won’t know many sisters except you. You’re the one she recognizes as the girl who knows what’s up, & you’ll be the one she associates as welcoming her into the greatest sorority around.

My guardian, Rebecca, & I at Beta Eta Inductions (Spring 2012)
My guardian Rebecca & I at Beta Eta Inductions (Spring 2012)

I know it can be hard, but think back to when you first pledge Gamma Sig. For me, it was three years ago, and I had absolutely no idea what I was getting myself into. I wasn’t really sure how I ended up pledging gamma sig (except that all my friends were doing it too), and I had desperately gone to the mall for hours the day before looking for anything white I could find to wear. When I got to Kirkbride for inductions, we were waiting outside in the bitter February cold, and it seemed like all of the pledges were underdressed for the cold weather. Since I was at the end of the alphabet, I had the misfortune of waiting past the walls of the staircase in the strong winds, but despite the terribly cold weather, I still remember that night fondly, because of my guardian, Rebecca Allen. Rebecca has since graduated, but she gave me the biggest smile that night & she was so genuinely excited to meet me. She made me feel like I was already a sister & made me so incredibly excited to come back to my pledge meeting the next week.

Being a guardian really isn’t that much of a commitment – it’s one night for an hour or so, but you really make a big difference. Don’t be afraid to be the person to welcome in all of our incoming MITs with open arms, and make these new girls feel like the luckiest girls around!

Gamma love,


P.S. Sisters, in case you need the link to the sign ups, here it is!

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