Family Spotlight: The Sassy Family

This semester, I wanted to do something to put a little spotlight on a bunch of the great families in Gamma Sig! I’m going to try to hit on as many as I can, but please feel free to reach out to me if you want to make sure your family gets a spotlight!

Gamma love,



Sarah, Marina, Brianna & Vanessa make up the Sassy fam!

The Sassy Family was founded by Sarah in Fall 2012 after she transferred from the Gamma Sig chapter at Penn State. That fall, she took her first little, Brianna, in the Beta Theta pledge class. Even though their family was small to start, they are incredibly close-knit. During the Beta Iota pledge class, Sarah was one of the pledge moms, so she didn’t take a little, but Brianna did & their family grew from 2 to 3. Sarah took a second little with the Beta Kappa pledge class, and this spring, they will be looking to grow even more with the Beta Kappas! Fun fact: the Sassy family always does big/little reveal at SAS Cupcake, which is where they got their name! According to Sarah, “We always do Big/Little reveal at SAS cupcakes, which is why we created the name the Sassy Family! At activation, we always deck our new additions out in a feather boa & a tiara!” Right now, the Sassy Family is missing Brianna as she’s working in an accounting internship, but they can’t wait for her to come back in a few weeks and for the new additions they’ll gain from the Beta Lambda pledge class this spring!

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