Responsibilities for a Pledge Class :)

After we found out that we have over 175 (!!!) girls that are going to be in the Beta Lambda pledge class, I think it’s safe to say that we’re all freaking out a little bit! With every pledge class, there’s a lot of responsibilities for our current sisters, but especially for our younger sisters, it’s hard to know exactly what those responsibilities are. So, I figured I would break it all down and try to make it a little bit easier on everyone to know what it is you’ll need to do as a sister to make sure we take care of our newest sisters the best we possibly can!

Being a guardian is one of the lowest time & financial commitments, and I think the most important. I talked about it in a previous post here, but you are the first face of gamma sig for the new MIT, and one of the first sisters that she knows. To be a guardian, you’ll need to be present to talk to your angel before inductions & guide through inductions, and give her a notebook for signatures & decorate her

The other big, important commitment is being a secret. This is a little more involved than being a guardian, but still pretty easy! For each week of pledging, you’ll bring a small gift (max. $5) for a MIT, and this semester, there are only 6 weeks that you’ll bring a gift, plus a gift for activation. Even though the limit is $5, it’s easy to do this on less money! My roommate, Sarah, & I went shopping today, and we got all of our gifts for the semester for less than $10. Check out the recent blog posts on the topic for ideas for secret gifts & a tutorial for a super cute mug to give as a gift!

The last super important commitment is the longest term commitment: being a big. I’ll talk more about being a big later in the semester, but being a big is one of the most rewarding things you can do. The best time to start planning for a little is as soon as you can, and if you can, think about buying things now that you won’t need to personalize (like family traditions or unsized gamma sig merch).

But beyond all of these commitments, the biggest thing you can do to welcome the incoming Beta Lambdas is to be involved & meet them! So, go to all of the unity events (Jess & Megan have a whole bunch of dates up already!) & sign up for service projects, and most of all, wear your letters with pride!

Gamma love,


P.S. Make sure to fill out the google form to be a secret/guardian! (The sign-up genius is no longer in use as of 9:50pm on Sunday)

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