Sister of the Week- Alex Taylor!

Thank you for writing in for Sister of the Week! Congratulations Alex!


Below are the testimonials for Alex:

At the special needs dance, there was a guest who collapsed and we needed to call 9-1-1. Alex quickly jumped into action, helping hold her down while she was flailing. Alex stayed calm in a very stressful situation and it was clear that she picked the right major as a nurse. I was so proud watching her tend to the woman and I think that Alex’s actions truly exemplified what it means to be a gamma sig girl
-Leigh Clouser

Last night, a bunch of girls and I volunteered at the Special Needs Dance. While it was very fun, it was also very eye opening. One of the attendants suffered a seizure, but Alex’s nursing instinct quickly kicked in and she was right by the woman’s side. Her calm nature, knowledge and maturity in an extremely emotional moment was both inspiring and reassuring. I believe she should be Sister of the Week because she deserves recognition for her kind heart and willingness to help others. I feel proud to not only know Alex as a person, but as a sister and member of my family.
-Meghan Moran

Alex taylor should be sister of the week because las night at a service event, the cognitively disabled adult dance, one of the attendees had a seizure and as a 3rd year nursing student Alex ran to go help. There was subpar medical support on site, and Alex led the effort to help treat this woman until the ambulance came. This went above and beyond the act of being not only an amazing sister but an awesome citizen, and just shows hope great of a nurse she will be one day!
-JoAnna Hickmott

I am nominating Alex Taylor for sister of the week because on Friday night she helped assist a woman with special needs after she had fallen down. Alex stayed by the woman’s side until the paramedics arrived and continued to help calm the woman down. Overall Alex was brave and selfless while helping out someone in need.

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