Sister Highlight – Danielle DeCostanza!


Danielle is a senior (and not very happy about it) elementary education major and she pledged Beta Theta. When she first joined Gamma Sig she was joining for the multiple community service opportunities! She says she never knew Gamma Sig would give her that, incredible friends, and three years of memories too. Her favorite thing about Gamma Sig is how friendships are built around the want to serve others. Without Gamma Sig she would not have met some of my closest friends in college nor would she have been able to serve the community around her. Her favorite projects are ECC and the Haunted House Project!

If Danielle were a city she would be Marsala which is located on the island of Sicily close to Italy for two reasons:

1. She loves chicken marsala and it is typically her go to Italian dish.

2. It is a secluded little city surrounded by beaches and the clear Mediterranean Sea. It is rich with history and art which she really enjoys. It is calm and secluded, but also open to new people and new adventures!

We gamma love you Danielle!

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