The Crafting Corner: GSS Magnets Secret Gift!

Hello sistas! Happy snow day! I’ve got a super cute secret gift idea for you all today courtesy of our lovely sister Becca Schuman.

Gamma Sig Soda Cap/Water Bottle Cap Magnets


You’ll Need:
– The caps:  You can ONLY use soda caps or any non-alcoholic beverage cap,  caps from the craft store (you can get them with magnets already attached at Michael’s for $4 or in bulk on Amazon), or if you drink a million water bottles a day like me you can use water bottle caps.
– Paper
– A printer
– Mod podge
– Magnets
– Glitter

Print out your favorite GSS pictures (our crest, our letters, service quotes, a white rose, anything!) and cut them out into circles to fit inside the cap. Apply mod podge to the bottom of the paper and over top of it to seal it.

One it dries, add mod podge all over the outside of the cap and sprinkle glitter on it. Seal with more mod podge. Finally, once dry, glue a magnet to the back of the cap.

Secrets will love these cute magnets for their refrigerators and white boards! You can also buy cute little fabric bags to put them in, like these! They come in 2-packs for $1.50 at Michael’s, which is perfect if you have two secrets.


Happy Crafting!

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