For the MITs: What is a Big?


When I was a MIT, I was kind of clueless. People kept talking about finding a big or how much they loved their little, and I honestly had no idea what was up with that. So, hopefully I can help any MITs who might be a little like me & mostly just confused.

A Big/Little pair can be one of the most important friendships that you have, but it can also be just a mentor/mentee relationship. It’s all about what you put into it. You will only have one Big (so as a MIT, take it seriously! Meet as many sisters as you can & try to make great connections!), but you can have multiple Littles. I’m the weirdo with four Littles (love you, Alisa, Riley, Sara & Shadoe!), but most people have one or two Littles.

Just to help you out, here’s a couple definitions to get you started:

Big: The big sister. Your mentor. The girl who takes you under her wing & loves you sometimes more than life itself. She’ll be your biggest cheerleader & help support you as you navigate your way through Gamma Sig, especially the first couple months as you figure out what is even happening after you get activated.

Little: The little sister. As a MIT, this is you! Your Big will love you probably more than necessary, so be prepared!

Twins: When a Big has more than 1 Little, they are twins. There’s a couple different types of twins: identical (same pledge class) and fraternal (different pledge classes). In general, most twins come from different pledge classes, with the exception of twins from the Beta Iota pledge class (because there were seriously five hundred million Beta Iotas!)

Family: This is like any family… it’s the people closest related to you. Sometimes your family is absolutely huge (Check out the Navy or the Good Hair family), some are in the middle (like the Disney Princess Family and the Sweethart Family), and some are pretty small (like the Sassy Family, MLB Family, or the Swoosh Family). Check out the Family Spotlights on the blog to learn about specific families! I post a new Family Spotlight every Wednesday!

I’ll talk more about families in future blog posts, but there’s a long tradition of families in Gamma Sig, & I recommend checking out the family trees because they’re really fascinating! You can find them on our website under Sisterhood > Family Trees (or if you’re lazy, here’s the link!). The Alumni Liaison keeps track of all of the different families, so if you have questions about them or you think there’s a mistake, talk to Carolou this semester!

I hope these definitions helped you out! Don’t forget to have fun as you’re pledging!

Gamma love,


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