Double for Healthy Living

Hey Ladies…so sorry I didn’t post on Sunday the weekly tips/motivation about healthy living….there was a reason.  When I was looking for ideas to post, I stumbled upon a great kettle bell workout. For those that don’t know what kettle bells are take a look at the picture below….these things are the little devils of the gym!!! They give you a killer workout, burn TONS of calories, and take half the time of a regular workout.  If your consistent with these little devils you can get killer results.  Anyway after finding this workout I didn’t think it would be fair to just post the workout and not have done it myself….well yesterday I tried the workout and I can tell you I am feeling it today!!! My shoulders and glutes are SCREAMIN!! But it was an awesome workout that allowed me to push myself harder than I normally would at the gym.  So I encourage you all to try this workout and comment your thoughts.  Please note that when doing this workout you need to choose the proper weight of the kettle bell.  It needs to be a little on the heavier side than you would normally go. This allows for the kettle bell to work effectively. Give it a try…

This link gives you the exercises, how to do that exercise, and what areas get targeted through the exercises.



Now the title for this post says Double for Healthy Living because in addition to this workout I am also providing you with some suggested tips for healthy eating. Now there are many different articles, research, diets, and meal plans that you can follow but I’m going to be talking in more general terms.  First you should always try and make your meals colorful! Meaning add some fruits and veggies into some of the meals you already eat.  If you choose stuff in season they tend to taste better! Second, don’t force yourself to eat a piece of fruit or vegetable that you don’t like….just eat what you do like!! Finally, when it comes to eating healthy, you can still eat what you like just do so in moderation…the key is to find the right BALANCE for YOU!!!!image

Look out on Sunday for more awesome workouts to challenge yourself with as well as food and nutrition tips!!


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