Girl Dates: An Overview

Now that sisters can see MIT slides, and MITs can see sister slides, girl date season is on! Girl dates are one of the best way to really get to know someone, and are particularly helpful if you are really interested in someone as your big/little.

Who to Ask

Setting up a girl date can be hard! My favorite way to find & ask someone on a girl date was after I had briefly met them on a project, at a unity event, or just in passing, and ask if they’d like to meet up sometime. You can also find a girl to ask on a sister date by looking through the sister/pledge slides, through projects, or recommendations from other girls.

How to Ask

When you are asking someone to meet up, make sure to do it in a personalized way. When I was a MIT, my pledge moms stressed to not send the same exact message to multiple girls, because it would be more than likely that they are friends & would potentially have their feelings hurt if you don’t personalize the message.

When you’re asking, I also recommend that you have an idea or two of where/when to meet up to make scheduling go a little bit easier, especially if you are generally free. Some of the best places for a girl date (in my opinion!): at a coffee shop on Main Street, in Perkins or Trabant (and you don’t need to spend any money), to the dining hall (especially if you both have meal plans), or to an event on campus (like to the cheap movies in Trabant on Fridays & Saturdays!).

If I were to set up an interview, I might say “Hey Monica! I saw your MIT slide, and it looks like we have a lot in common! I absolutely love the show Friends too! Would you be able to meet up to grab coffee some afternoon?” or “Hey Rachel! I loved meeting you at the Ronald McDonald House project this week, and I would really love to get to know you better. Could we grab lunch together in Perkins so I can get to know you better?”

Obviously, you wouldn’t (and probably shouldn’t!) copy one of these directly, but hopefully they give you a starting point! Once you have the date set up, be sure to mark the time down in your planner or add it to your calendar so you don’t miss it!

Nachos make a great girl date ;)
Nachos make a great girl date 😉

You’re On a Date…Now What?

There’s a couple things you should & shouldn’t talk about when you’re meeting a sister/MIT. Obviously, you want to put your best self forward. Try to emphasize things that you like about yourself & keep topics PG. Keep any drama & weekend activities (except for service projects!) out of your discussion.

If the conversation is slow to start, try to ask a lot of questions. The basics are always a great starting point (grade, hometown, major, favorite things, etc.), but you can definitely go beyond this! Try to find things that you have in common & share stories. If you’re still stuck, talk about the whole new member experience. MITs, consider asking the sister for advice through the pledge process & her favorite projects to sign up for. Sisters, make sure the MITs don’t have any questions or confusions about things that happen over the course of the semester.

At the end of the date, make sure that sisters sign your pledge book to build up your signature count!

The most important thing throughout this entire dating thing is to remember to just have fun! Just because you’re hunting for a Big/Little doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the journey!

Until next week!

Gamma love,


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