The Crafting Corner: Treasure Box Secret Gift

Hi sistas! I’m back with another secret gift idea. If you’re like me and physically cannot wait until Activation to start crafting, then craft for your secret! They will be so excited to have a unique gift that they can use as a sister, and it won’t cost you a lot at all!

Gamma Sig Pin Box

I like this craft because you can fill the box with candy or can tabs, but once the secret becomes an active sister and receives her pin, she will have a special place to keep it! Here’s how:

You need:
wooden box ($2 at Joann Fabrics)
Candy or can tabs
Optional: ribbon, small wooden letters, other decorative add-ons, and glue

This craft is up to your own creative discretion: paint the box in your secret’s favorite colors, and you can either paint letters on or purchase separate wooden letters (they cost a few cents at AC Moore) and glue them on.
Then, fill it with candy or can tabs and a little note telling your secret that they will be able to keep their most special Gamma Sig keepsakes in this box. 🙂

Happy crafting!

Gamma Love,

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