Stability Ball Workout

Hey Ladies!

So I am currently taking three different BHAN classes plus attending multiple classes at the Western YMCA on Kirkwood Highway (since I work there!).  Throughout these classes I have gotten killer workouts and have been feeling AMAZING lately.  I have more energy and am able to get through the day without feeling super sluggish (which is a lot to say with all the exams, papers, and projects that professors are piling on before break!!).  In a few recent classes we have used a piece of equipment that I never really thought could give me such an intense workout….we used a stability ball.  A stability ball is that large ball you see in the gym that looks like something you used to play with outside at recess in grade school.  The stability ball is a great tool to add into your workouts because it allows you to work your entire body without you realizing it.  Your core is doing SO MUCH WORK!! Not only during the exercises but just in general to help keep you stable and sitting on the ball.  So I thought that I would share with you ladies a stability ball workout for you to try….

stability ball workout

This is just an ab workout…if you want more of a total body try doing some normal exercises (ie. bench press, bicep curls, tricep extensions, flys, etc.) but on the stability ball!!  This adds variety to your workout and challenges your muscles to do things they haven’t done before, which is a great way to start seeing results faster.  Enjoy your week ladies and I hope that if you try these workouts you will comment your thoughts.  Since every lady in Gamma Sig LOVES food…look out for food recipes next week!!!

Gamma love,


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