Caught in the Act, MIT edition!

Each week, sisters can be recognized for little acts of kindness that others witness them doing throughout the week. We here at Beta Gamma call them ‘Caught in the Act’. Today, we want to recognize two MITS for going above and beyond for their fellow MITS and sisters.

 “Nicole DellaCroce and Laura Testa (along with member Amanda Valeski) worked until midnight to finish an AMAZING UDance banner after other girls couldn’t come last minute. I am so impressed with how they handled the situation and worked together. They each truly represent and embody what it means to be a Gamma Sig. Their dedication even after the frustration of losing other people on the committee was inspiring and we will all be so proud to see our banner hung this weekend. Morgan and her mom will also be so happy and we all know that is so important, and they really took them into consideration.” -Samantha Bell
HUGE shoutout to these wonderful ladies! Thank you for being awesome and we know that you will make amazing sisters of Gamma Sig!


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