Family Spotlight: The Harry Potter Fam

hp famThe Harry Potter Fam is another small but mighty family! Started in Fall 2013 by Jackie & Jessica, there are currently 4 girls in the Harry Potter Fam. When Jackie & Jessica first started the family, the biggest thing they had in common was their love for Harry Potter, which inspired the family name. According to Jess,  “On our official one-on-one sister date, we spent three hours in Panera talking about Harry Potter. During big little week, I made her a lot of Harry Potter related crafts, left her Harry Potter related clues about my identity, and did a Triwizard Tournament themed reveal. It was only right that we name our family the Harry Potter fam.” hp fam3
Fun Fact: Each line passes Harry Potter glasses down to new Littles at activation. Paxton’s glasses are from the Harry Potter Studios Tour in London!hp fam2
Each new addition to the Harry Potter Fam is sorted into a House from Hogwarts, and this spring, they are looking to add a few new littles, and are currently searching for a Hufflepuff!

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