Interview Parties

Interview parties are finally here! Sisters & MITs can set up interview parties (though more commonly, sisters do), and then anyone is able to sign up. If you have space in your apartment or maybe can reserve a lounge in your resident hall, that could be a great place for an interview party! But, if you don’t have a lot of space, you can have an interview party at Panera or Fro-Yo too!

interviewpartyYour interview party can really be anything you want it to be, but try to have some sort of activity to help start conversations. If you want to have a movie night, make sure the movie is one that most people have seen enough times that it’s okay to talk through the movie. If you’re watching a TV show, maybe consider muting the commercials! Or, do something where you don’t watch something on a TV. Have a girls night in, with facials and nail painting, or maybe decorate cupcakes and other goodies. A board game night could also be tons of fun, whether you play the classic games everyone knows and loves or something new & different that everyone can learn how to play together.

To sign up to host an interview party, fill out the form from the Pledge Moms (found here!) and keep an eye on the sign-up genius to come to the interview parties, since it will be updated frequently as interview parties are added.

Sisters, remember to take a Little, you have to go to a MIT event, and interview parties count!

Happy interview partying!

Gamma love,

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