Family Spotlight: Good Hair Family

Just some fun sisters with good hair!

The Good Hair family is one of the biggest active families, and has had a lot of branches branch off to form smaller families over the years, but all of the branches still try to stay close! After activation, the entire Good Hair Family goes to Deer Park together and takes up an entire side room to celebrate the activation of the newest sisters with good hair! Since the family is so big, each of the branches has their own traditions and style.

Jackie, Emily, Rachel & Jenae’s branch in the Good Hair Family before they had a HUGE expansion with the Beta Iota pledge class 🙂

In Jenae’s branch, even though we all go to the University of Delaware, no one is from the state of Delaware…everyone is from out of state!

Good hair not required 😉

Fun fact: while they are called the Good Hair Family, having good hair is not a requirement, but it usually happens anyway by chance that all the members of the good hair family have some pretty great hair!

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