It’s Spring Break… Time to Start Big/Little Crafting!

If you’re like me, you like to plan ahead. You also already have a million ideas for all the things your going to craft for your big/little/glittle. What better time to start crafting than during this break? Unless you’re headed to the beach or Disney World (see you there!), it would save a lot of stress to start crafting now (also, Joann’s has a 20% off your total purchase coupon)!

Here’s a craft to get you started – I have one of these, and I made one for my little last year. These are really cute to hang on your wall and they are really easy to make!

Hanging ideals of Gamma Sig/letters

You need: ribbon, three small, square wooden plaques, paint, hot glue

First, decide what you want on the three squares. You can put each of Gamma Sig’s  ideals (MITs just learned them!), our letters, or even “big loves little”. It’s up to you! Paint a pattern on each square and then paint the words/letters over it. Let it dry.
Then, cut two long pieces of ribbon and glue them on the back on each side. Tie them together at the top.
There you go – your first gift for your big or little! Now that you’ve gotten started, aren’t you super excited?

Have an amazing Spring Break!

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