Family Spotlight: Sweethart Family

1452173_10201250959253018_229141703_nThe Sweetharts started out small but have grown so much the past few semesters! They’re named after Kate Hartman, one of the sisters who founded our line (why Sweethart is spelled with an “a” instead of an “ea”!).

10252183_10152119447583481_8400764965805309929_nThe Sweethart family history can be traced way back to the Alpha Psi pledge class with just a few members, but today there are about 20 active sisters in our family. There are 4 active branches of Sweetharts, each with their own slightly different traditions for activation and Big/Little week.

sweethartAccording to Caroline, “We all love to spoil new members of the family with lots of heart shaped good and also always go to the Olive Garden together after every activation to celebrate our new sisters (and eat way too many bread sticks)”. They cannot wait to welcome our newest bunch Beta Lambda Sweetharts!

Fun fact: Nester the service dog is an honorary Sweethart (and probs the cutest member of the fam!)18285_887798084615481_8664157115448683919_n

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