Family Highlight: STMM Family

10257856_635728719853962_1399388103694377639_nThe STMM Fam was founded in 2014 after branching off from the Navy Branch, following the crazy family expansions of the Beta Iota pledge class. Under their matriarch, Abby, Kaitlyn, Stefanie, Quanny, & Hope are a super close family and LOVE spending time with each other! STMM stands for the following: Straight Thugging, Mean Mugging.

10665683_711766672250166_8801594479953814915_nFounded on the ideals of danceology and being flawless (in the famous words of Beyonce), the STMM fam is most likely to be found on any dance floor. Quanny says that they’re looking for some new “dancing fools” to join their crew this semester, so if that’s you, Beta Lamdas, keep an eye out for them!10950064_820101304750035_63140195_n

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