Sisters of the Week

db86a8137f9d2060ddab966c4b911c2cf1479604ef4769e9408adadef75e987eCongratulations to this weeks Sisters of the Week; Maggie Dolan , Jenna Friedman and Karen Sanzone:

I would like to nominate Maggie Dolan and Jenna Friedman for Sisters of the Week. There has not been a day in the past several weeks that I haven’t seen these two in the office, counting and organizing piles of money and checks from dues and merchandise payments. I know that handling thousands of dollars for a whole sisterhood can be extremely stressful, but both Maggie and Jenna have done an incredible job of making sure every cent is accounted for. I am extremely impressed with how focused and organized both of them have been after having money from 400+ girls flood in after chapter. Not only do they handle their own individual jobs well, but they work very well together as partners and help each other with every task. They both deserve sisters of the week because not many people could handle the stress of these jobs, and their dedication to making sure each sister and MIT are financially accounted for exemplifies our ideals of service and sisterhood. Way to go ladies, you both have done an incredible job.

Gamma Love, Jess Johnson

and for Karen Sanzone:

Karen is one of the most dedicated and passionate people I know. It was inspiring to watch her hard work and motivation throughout the entire year to make UDance a success. I think we can all agree that Karen, and the rest of the exec board, killed it this year! Thank you Karen for helping keep us all excited, in the loop and encouraging us to continue to raise money for our heroes. All of your hard work paid off because UDance was, in my opinion, the best day of the year and we are all ecstatic to have finally broken $1 million. I am so proud to call you my sister and one of my best friends!

All the Gamma Love, Jessie Reedy

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