Stress Less for Healthy Living

There have been many studies that show that exercising and living a healthy lifestyle helps you relax and de-stress your life.

The link above provides some great information on how exercise and stress are related and how by getting up and active it can help manage your stress levels.


If this article doesn’t give you the motivation to exercise and help reduce your stress then you should all attend the Stress Less event that Helen keeps talking about in chapter on Sunday and has put a lot of time and energy into planning.  It will be an event that will all help us relax and get ready to attack finals week before getting an entire summer to relax and enjoy ourselves.  And for all the seniors (like me) it will be a time to enjoy the last few weeks of college before embarking on the real world and any jobs we have lined up or are still looking for.  Either way we all need to find a way to get rid of some of the stress in our lives and exercising can be a great way to do that as well as attending the Stress Less event on May 13th from 2-6pm where you can even get in a two hour Zumba workout and tackle both stress relievers at once!!!

Enjoy Big/Little week ladies!!

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