Family Spotlight: Las Fuegas Chicas

1800280_897673203576077_3422995380984535153_nFun fact: Las Fuegas Chicas is the only family who can trace their lineage back to a founding sister! Las Fuegas Chicas are related to Diane Perkins, one of the founding sisters. Rosemary Gallagher, a member of this family who graduated in 1983, still remembers her time in Gamma Sig fondly (read all about it here!). Now, Las Fuegas Chicas has a couple different active branches.

10432106_897673733576024_4625140851258194530_nOne of the active branches calls themselves the Froyo Branch. It’s a pretty small branch – currently, the only sisters are Colleen, Karen & Jessica – and they’re super excited to grow with the Beta Lambda pledge class.

10527854_10152209058078341_1065495954367285858_nAccording to Colleen, they call themselves the Froyo Branch because all of their first dates with each other was over froyo at Yogoberry, and they’re always down for to eat some!

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