You’re a Sister – Now what?

Congratulations, Beta Lambdas! We’re so proud of you for making it through your MIT period, and can’t wait to activate all of you this Saturday!!!! But now that you’re (almost) a sister, what next?

Just because you don’t have any mandatory meetings/commitments from now until the beginning of next semester, you should still stay involved as much as you can!

Since you will be activated before our next chapter, you are now welcome to join us at chapter meetings (Sundays at 6:00!) though you can’t vote or make any motions on the floor until the fall.

You also should consider coming out to Senior Send Off! This is a great chance to learn more about the sisters who have shaped Gamma Sig for the past four years, and fall even more in love with this sisterhood! Senior Send Off is on May 17th this year, and I HIGHLY recommend going if you can!

Once you start attending chapters next semester (and you only have up to two unexcused absences over the course of the semester before you are put on attendance probation), you’ll learn the routine we have in meetings, but just a fair warnings: you won’t be getting secret gifts each week – that’s a MIT special.

At the end of this semester and over the summer, the newly elected exec board will begin sending out emails looking for committee members. Write in! Committees are a great way to get involved, and you can be on more than one if you’d like! Some committees you can join: unity committee (and help plan Fall Ball & the weekly unity events), PR committee (social media & merch!), service committee (help coordinate weekly service projects), blog committee (write on the blog – woop woop!), and there’s tons more. Just be on the lookout for opportunities to get involved.

The biggest thing you can do when you become a sister is stay involved, and if you’re confused, your Big probably can help you out!

Gamma love,


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