Activation Reminders

Today is activation! We’re so excited to welcome all the Beta Lambdas into Gamma Sig as sisters tonight, but it’s always a bit overwhelming. Here’s a few reminders about what you should bring/expect for tonight:

Big & Little Kelsey and Jenna at the Beta Iota Activation!

For everyone:

  • Look nice! Sundresses are great for spring activations!
  • Eat something before you go, even if your family is doing dinner afterwards. I always make the mistake of planning to eat afterwards, and my stomach growls halfway through…

For MITs:

  • Try to bring as little as you can… You’ll be asked to wait outside the room until you are called in by Quanny & Jackie with your Big, and sisters will take your things in to your seat for you, but if you can minimize what you bring, that would be cool!
  • Don’t forget to bring a gift for your Secret!
  • Some girls bring a small gift for their big (max. $5) to thank them for their basket, but this is a tradition that’s really fallen out of style with the past few pledge classes, so it’s not necessary nor expected.

For Sisters:

  • If you are a secret, don’t forget to bring one last secret gift!
  • If you are a Big, congratulations! But, there’s a lot for you to remember… Don’t forget to bring a white candle with your family line on a red ribbon, don’t forget your poem, and don’t forget your basket! I highly recommend getting there early so you have plenty of time to set up your beautiful basket & grab the best seats in the house to welcome your new Little!

Congratulations again to all the Beta Lambdas & their Bigs! I can’t wait for you all to be activated!

Gamma love,


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