Prepare yourself…Senior Send Off is coming :(

DON’T MAKE ME GRADUATE! Actually, it’s kind of exciting to graduate, but either way, I’m not sure I’m ready to give up Gamma Sig & being in college. Hopefully, Senior Send Off will help me transition & say goodbye to the best organization I could have found in college.

I’ve gone to Senior Send Off all four years, and each year, it’s gotten harder and harder to send off the people that mean so much to me. Every year, I wonder how we will cope without the seniors, and then the following year, I see how strong the new leadership is, and everything turns out just fine.

If you’ve never been to SSO before though, I highly highly highly recommend you to go if you can because it truly is a celebration of the wonderful, graduating women in Gamma Sig. Carolou has worked so hard to plan this, and it really is a great event (even if it is bittersweet). If you need any further motivation to go, there’s going to be delicious food. Each year, Senior Send Off is a bit different, and the Alumni Liaison choses a theme to guide the event. Meagan had an “UP!” theme celebrating the adventures out there for the graduating seniors, and when I planned it last year, we celebrated all the places the class of 2014 seniors would go (a la Dr. Seuss) and I can’t wait to see the amazing adventure that Carolou cooks up for us this year.229773_10151398282383263_920707663_n

So what happens at SSO? We take time to recognize all of our seniors, and the service they’ve done through Gamma Sig. You have an opportunity to leave love notes in personalized boxes for all the seniors (similar to Valentines Day in elementary school). Seniors have a chance to talk about their experience in gamma sig, and non-seniors have a chance to talk about their favorite seniors. If you’re worried you might cry, there is always a box of tissues on every table, just in case. The winners of Sister of the Semester & Sister of the Year are also announced at Senior Send Off.

For more information about senior send off, read about last year’s senior send off in last year’s blog post.

Gamma love,


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