Be Happy, Be Healthy!

Being healthy doesn’t just have to mean being in good physical shape. It’s important to take care of our minds, too, and pay attention to our emotions.

We all get caught up in stress while here at school, but it is important to remember to find the good in each day, even when things get rough. It’s hard to set aside a block of time every day to relax, work out, or take some “me” time, which can lead to the build up of stress. Try to find something about your day that makes you smile – whether the weather is nice, you have an interesting class, get to spend time with your friends – anything! Reminding yourself about the little things that make every day great will positively impact your attitude and start making you feel better daily.

And of course, if you need a place to start when thinking of things to smile about, you can’t possibly forget the best one of all – you are surrounded by SO many amazing sisters! Smile on!


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