Art Under The Stars

Art Under The Stars

As most of us should know, one of our two impacts areas this semester isYouth and The Arts. This impact area focuses on engaging and inspiring our youth to become involved with art in many of its form, whether it be theatre, painting, music, etc. As Gamma Sig sisters, we should looking for ways around campus to support and encourage this inspiring impact area.

One great way that this impact area was focused on recently around our campus was during a yearly UD sponsored an event on the North Green on October 24th, called Art Under the Stars. This event is sponsored by Residence Life and Housing and it’s intent was to provide UD students with the opportunity to showcase artwork of their own while also experiencing and celebrating others artwork as well. The art categories this year where “most sustainable”, “UD Pride”, and “Most Useful”. Artwork varied from poetry to recycled sculptures, from acapella to canvas paintings. The event lasted from 6 to 9 and really brought a wide range of art submissions as well as attendees. Overall, everyone has a great time and many people left with a broader scope of what art can entail.

Keep your eyes out for more upcoming events around UD that support our impact areas this semester!


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