Penguins Waddle All Over the World

This spring break, our sisters did some pretty amazing things! A few spectacular sisters shared their memories with us below!

“I’m taking an online class called Cruise Ship Management (HOSP390) throughout the semester. Over spring break, we got to travel on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship to Florida and the Bahamas! We learned all about how cruise ships are run and even got a behind-the-scenes tour of the ship where we saw everything from the kitchens to the laundry room to the control room. We also had a bunch of excursions at the destinations like kayaking, snorkeling, and a tour of the Atlantis Resort. It was a really fun spring break and a great class!”- Jenna Friedman, Beta Iota

unnamed-1.jpg       unnamed-2.jpgunnamed

“Over spring break, some of our lovely sisters volunteered at the Lori’s Hands Green Ribbon Gala. It was a great night for our philanthropy and the volunteers were a huge part of making it a success.”- Madison Swenson, Beta Lambda 


“I visited Venice and Aviano, Italy over my spring break!” -Alexis Coverdale, Beta Mu

17424839_832813346857022_6131038741866056827_n.jpg17554272_832683303536693_8674232586506107587_n    17634490_834298990041791_910284634267718360_n

“This spring break I went to Jamaica with the University of Delaware nursing program! I provided nursing care to children and adults with disabilities at Mustard Seed. It was the most amazing experience!” -Taylor Mitchell, Beta Kappa

17759935_10154460044636188_444171095921393149_n    17626318_10154455283021188_2662511463731884780_n

It looks like our sisters had a great time traveling, volunteering, and studying this spring break! Keep waddling, penguins! 


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