Philanthropy is in Our Hands

Gamma Sigma Sigma’s Beta Gamma chapter voted last Fall to take Lori’s Hands, an organization that began on our campus, as our philanthropy. We are fortunate to have the president of the organization as a sister in our chapter. Madison Swenson is a very passionate member of both organizations! 

The mission of Lori’s Hands is to transform “students’ understanding of community health by matching them with individuals living with chronic illness in meaningful, helping relationships. Community members receive in-home support and, in turn, educate next-generation health leaders about the experience of living with chronic illness.” 

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Lori’s Hands client, Dave Mills with volunteers Alexa and Kim.

Dave has a positive attitude that should be shared with the world: “Once you face and understand your limitations, you can work with them, instead of having them work against you and get in your way, which is what they do when you ignore them, whether you realize it or not. And then you will find that, in many cases, your limitations can be your strengths.”

Lori’s Hands was founded at the University of Delaware by Sarah LaFave. She created the organization as a sophomore in college in memory of her mother, Lori, who battled breast cancer from 1995- 2003.


“My mom had a witty, sarcastic sense of humor and she could turn routine errands into fun. Most of all, I remember her genuine compassion, especially toward older adults, and her incredible intuition for knowing what people most needed.” -Sarah LaFave 

Sarah goal in founding the organization was “to create a meaningful volunteer experience for college students and to improve quality of life for people living with chronic illness.” 

Hear what some of the Lori’s Hands clients have to say here:


Lori’s Hands volunteers offer services to clients, such as:

  • Grocery shopping 
  • Yard work 
  • Light cleaning 
  • Organizing 
  • Dog walking
  • Companionship visits, phone calls and mail
  • Paperwork/advocacy 



Lori’s Hands volunteer, Olivia rakes leaves in her client’s backyard.

Click the link below to connect with the volunteer registration page!

Gamma Sigma Sigma has been holding fundraisers and volunteering with the organization throughout the semester. Some of our sisters volunteered during their spring break at the Green Ribbon Gala. 


We love Lori’s Hands and hope you learned something about our philanthropy! Read more on the website at: 



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